Commit fc119ffb authored by Daniel Gultsch's avatar Daniel Gultsch
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added a couple of TODO items

parent bdbf1562
* Create Adhoc-Commands method to look up single phone number
* Allow users in the directory to loop up others
* Allow multiple entries (phone numbers) per Jabber ID
* Generalize look up method and allow email addresses (and potentially all sort of uris) to be stored in the directory
* XEPify look up method
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ public class VolumeLimiter<E, T> {
if (whats.size() > strategy.getAttempts()) {
throw new RetryInException(Duration.ZERO);
throw new RetryInException(Duration.ZERO); //TODO should we throw a too large exception. because retry doesn’t really make sense
List<T> remaining = new ArrayList<>(whats);
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