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#### Request Header
* `Authorization`: HTTP Basic auth with username = phone number as E.164 string and password = 6 digit pin.
* `Authorization`: E.164 formatted phone number and 6 digit PIN concatenated with null byte as delimiter and encoded with base64. `base64(phoneNumber + \0 + pin)`.
* `User-Agent`: Formatted to `Name/Version` with version being formatted according to [Sementic Versioning](
#### Response codes
* `200`: Account has been created or password has been changed
* `200`: Password for an existing account has been changed.
* `201`: A new account with the password has been created
* `400`: Returned when supplied data (including headers) is invalid or not existend. Displays to user as: **Invalid user input**.
* `401`: Incorrect pin code. Displayed to user as: **The pin you have entered is incorrect.**
* `403`: Outdated app version (as reported by *User-Agent*). Displays to user as: **You are using an out of date version of this app.**
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