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updated strings, January 2020

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......@@ -156,28 +156,28 @@
<string name="OptimizationTitle">Optimizacija baterije!</string>
<!--needs update:20/10/2020-->
<string name="action_board">Project board</string>
<string name="action_user">Account</string>
<string name="action_searx">Search</string>
<string name="OptimizationInfo">The Disroot app can sync with the status page of Disroot. This means you will receive realtime updates on issues, downtimes, scheduled maintenace and others published via\nWe recommend to turn off battery optimization and allow Disroot app to run in background. If you\'re not sure, you can always change the setting from the menu of the Disroot app later.</string>
<string name="action_board">Projektna tabla</string>
<string name="action_user">Nalog</string>
<string name="action_searx">Pretraga</string>
<string name="OptimizationInfo">Disroot aplikacija može sinhronizovati podatke sa statusnom stranicom sajta. To znači da možete dobijati obaveštenja u realnom vremenu o problemima, zastojima, planiranom održavanju i sl. objavama sa\nPreporučujemo da isključite optimizaciju baterije i dozvolite Disroot aplikaciji rad u pozadini. Ako niste sigurni, podešavanja kasnije možete promeniti u meniju aplikacije.</string>
<string name="id">id:</string>
<string name="version">App version:</string>
<string name="androidVersion">Android version:</string>
<string name="deviceName">Device name:</string>
<string name="edit_apps_title">Show/hide apps</string>
<string name="settings">Settings</string>
<string name="hide">Hide app</string>
<string name="dashboard">Dashboard</string>
<string name="action_calls">Calls</string>
<string name="CallsTitle">Calls Info</string>
<string name="CallsInfo">Disroot\'s Calls service is a videoconferencing software, powered by Jitsi-Meet. It provides you high quality video and audio conferences, with as many partners as you want. It also allows to stream your desktop or only some windows to other participants in the call.</string>
<string name="CallsDialog">To continue you need to install Jitsi-Meet first.\nPlease select install to continue with the installation on F-Droid.</string>
<string name="version">Verzija aplikacije:</string>
<string name="androidVersion">Android verzija</string>
<string name="deviceName">Ime uređaja:</string>
<string name="edit_apps_title">Prikaži/sakrij aplikacije</string>
<string name="settings">Podešavanja</string>
<string name="hide">Sakrij aplikaciju</string>
<string name="dashboard">Kontrolna tabla</string>
<string name="action_calls">Pozivi</string>
<string name="CallsTitle">Info o pozivima</string>
<string name="CallsInfo">Disroot\'s Calls usluga jeste softver za video-konferencije, koju pokreće Jitsi-Meet. Omogućava video i audio konferencije visokog kvaliteta, za neograničeni broj korisnika. Takođe omogućava video-striming vaše radne površine ili pojedinačnih prozora učesnicima razgovora.</string>
<string name="CallsDialog">Za nastavak je potrebno instalirati Jitsi-Meet.\nIzaberite 'instaliraj' i preuzmite aplikaciju pomoću F-Droid-a.</string>
<string name="action_git">Git</string>
<string name="GitTitle">Gitea Info</string>
<string name="GitInfo">Git with a cup of tea A painless, self-hosted Git service</string>
<string name="GitsDialog">To continue you need to install GitNex first.Please select install to continue with the installation on F-Droid.</string>
<string name="adminsTitle">Admins:</string>
<string name="devsTitle">Developers:</string>
<string name="translatorsTitle">Translators:</string>
<string name="artworksTitle">Artwork:</string>
\ No newline at end of file
<string name="GitInfo">Git uz šoljicu čaja. Jednostavan, samostalni Git servis</string>
<string name="GitsDialog">Za nastavak je potrebno instalirati GitNex. \nIzaberite 'instaliraj' i preuzmite aplikaciju pomoću F-Droid-a.</string>
<string name="adminsTitle">Administratori:</string>
<string name="devsTitle">Programeri:</string>
<string name="translatorsTitle">Prevodioci:</string>
<string name="artworksTitle">Crteži:</string>
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