Unverified Commit 95066def authored by Akshay S Dinesh's avatar Akshay S Dinesh
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add ILUGC Chennai

As per request on mailing list by Mohan R
See https://forum.disroot.org/t/adding-ilugc-to-fsug-in/9568
parent 43d6d1a4
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......@@ -283,4 +283,12 @@ var locations = [{
"MLIST": "",
"MATURL": "",
"TGURL": ""
}, {
"LNG": "80.22862809291958",
"TITLE": "ILUGC (Indian Linux User Group - Chennai)",
"URL": "https://ilugc.in",
"MLIST": "https://www.freelists.org/list/ilugc",
"MATURL": "https://matrix.to/#/#ilugc:libera.chat",
"TGURL": ""
\ No newline at end of file
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